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Welcome to my latest website called Nithyadal.  Every day we will have exciting new posts so be sure to come by from time to time.  Most of these posts and bloggings will be me letting people know little tidbits about me since the beginning of my memorable life.

For the most part you may find it very uneventful and uninteresting.  I’m guessing there may be one or two people out there in the world who may find some value in them.  Someone who is struggling in their life or someone who just simply needs to see someone else’s struggles in able to validate themselves.  I’m oak being that guy.  If my downfalls make you feel better about yourself then I’m glad to provide that comfort to you.


My struggles and battles are by no means unique or more terrible or full of more strife than yours or anyone else’s.  I’m simply here to vent my feelings and gain some clarity about the journey I’ve been on the last 30+ years of my life.  Maybe by reading this it will save one person from being as distraught as I once was.  Maybe just maybe it will help one person deal with their family situation.


If this blog reaches and helps just one person then all of the time sitting here at my desk will have been worth it.

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